Friday Factoid: Cisco Digital Security


There are 12 cybercrimes committed per second of every day, with 1+ million victims daily. (source)

Risky behavior: 3 out of 4 people use the same password for multiple accounts. (source)

1 trillion dollars in intellectual property is hacked and stolen each year. (source)

Digital security includes keeping websites, web applications, web services, software, data, applications, transactions and the Internet of Things (IoT) free of malicious threats and vulnerabilities. With the emergence of social networking and cloud-based computing, and as hackers and their tactics become increasingly sophisticated, well-defined security practices are a must.


For Cisco customers, our security business area – including Sourcefire – provides a wealth of market-leading Cisco security tools, expertise and solutions to protect and defend before, during and after threats and attacks.

Within Cisco, the Information Security (InfoSec) organization leads security practices for Cisco and equips the company to defend itself, its partners and customers from information security threats. Cisco security highlights:

  • 5.4 million external emails for are inspected daily
  • 97% of external emails are considered spam, phish or malicious in nature as identified by our ESA (Email Security Appliance) product and are blocked
  • 6M web transactions take place and are monitored per day on
  • 143,000+ of those web transactions are blocked by our WSA (Web Security Appliance) product
  • Open-click rate of phish emails has been reduced to 10% as a result of Cisco security measures
  • Cisco’s Unified Security Metrics (USM) program reports on more than 150 IT services (applications and capabilities). Within these specific services, there are more than 700 service offerings managing 126,000 vulnerabilities with an on-time closure rate of 90%.
  • Across the enterprise, 1.2 trillion suspicious events per day are detected by our IDS (Intrusion Detection System) monitoring tools, but over 99% of such do not make it through due to our defense strategies involving firewalls, blocking of DNS names, border gateway protocols and device quarantines
  • In the last quarter, Security content has become the most widely viewed blog content (Security blog and Security News on the Platform)

Our Cisco-hosted online Security Community enables an ongoing, vibrant exchange of security tips, tricks, best practices, tools, services, trends, and information on emerging threats and effective defensive action – it’s the place where security experts meet to connect and collaborate. 

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