Lobo Cisco Round Up Week Ending 9/18/15 – Let us help you with your cloud journey!


The theme this week is how Cisco can help with your cloud journey.

We understand cloud isn’t simple and means a lot of different things to everyone.  As such, Cisco has a cloud group that helps clients rationalize businesses current footprint for private and public cloud and help you build that future vision to ultimately give your business a competitive advantage.

The featured posts are focused on cloud this week.

We have some great local events in Ct, NYC as well as webinars and product announcements

As always, any questions, please contact me anytime.


Featured Posts – Cloud

Past Round-ups

· Lobo Cisco Round Up Week Ending 8/28/15 – GSX & Apple/Cisco Partnership!

Local Events




Enterprise Networking

Account Team

  • Upstate Territory Team – You are supported in the Upstate Territory Region by a strong team of, SE’s, CSE’s, PSS’s and
  • Cisco Briefings– Always a great customer experience to obtain product roadmaps/deep dives, discuss industry trends from Cisco experts, and have strategic discussions with Cisco.   Keep in mind we can host them in Farmington, Ct or Norwalk, Ct if you can’t make it to NYC.
  • Cisco Capital Lifecycle Financing
  • Lunch and Learns– Your Cisco Team is available to come on site or have a webex to review an architecture of your choice.  Free training with lunch!!


Weekly or recorded Webinars

Product Info

Cisco Partners

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