Lobo Marketing Plan


Goal: To have valuable, simple and regular selling motions to my clients.

Execution: Combination of social selling, live meetings, cold calling and other methods.

  • Other methods:  We have databases to run reports per client of what they purchased over the past 10 years, called the Cisco Ready Report.
    • We can determine when their equipment is end of life and end of support with the goal of identifying refresh opportunities.
    • We can share this data with clients (not Cisco Partners), so it helps to create value and get a meeting.
    • It also gives the perception that their Cisco team knows their environment well and helps drive specific architecture discussions.
  • Work with product sales specialists to record/video their product pitches with the goal of helping me better position the wealth of Cisco products in my bag.
  • Leveraging partners & extended team
    • I work with my extended team and Cisco partners to gain additional visibility into accounts.
  • I also use Lobo Cisco for demand gen activities based on an architecture
  • Example of Wireless Mailer that yielded 5 key meetings last week and this week
  • I use a combination of social selling, traditional cold calling and other strategies together to penetrate accounts and get meetings.
  • I keep two lists of clients and partners
    • Outlook
    • Mailchimp
  • This strategy enables me to touch my 150 client contacts and 90 Cisco partner contacts twice a month.
  • It also enables me to provide tremendous value to my clients and also give me an excuse to reach out.

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Lobo Cisco Round Up Week Ending 2/26/16

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