Lobo Cisco Round Up Week Ending 9/25/15 – Is your business a Digital Enterprise? Don’t be disrupted!!

The theme this week is Is your business a Digital Enterprise?  Don’t be disrupted!

This past year at Cisco Live, John Chambers was the keynote speaker and talked about how enterprises are facing a new digital age that promises to grow 10 times faster than the Internet age has grown, and must expect that their businesses will be disrupted.

By 2020, about 75 percent of businesses will become digital, but only 30 percent will do it successfully, he said. “This is brutal,” he said. “If you miss the transformation, you’re history.”

The featured posts are focused on Enterprise Networking this week.

We have some great local events in Ct, NYC as well as webinars and architecture updates.

Enterprise Networking has a great event: Next Gen WAN Design Workshop: Intelligent WAN (IWAN) – Farmington, Ct, 10/28/15

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